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12 Best Video Analytics Technologies Used in Industrial Applications

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12 Best Video Analytics Technologies Used in Industrial Applications

Technological advancements have made life much easier than before. The devices are made with the best material and have the finest features for excellent usability. One such great invention that has evolved brilliantly over the years is the video camera. Back in time, video cameras were used just for shooting home videos, but now they do a lot more than that!

The usage of video cameras has increased wildly as the developers started introducing high spec built-in systems in the devices. There are various high-tech programs to control the setting of a video camera. Some of the most popular uses of these cameras are seen in:

• Television broadcasting
• CCTV surveillance
• Monitoring an area
• Recording the events happening in a place

The next best use of video cameras is definitely in the field of video analytics. Here you can use the device to keep a close eye on an area, situation, or event. The video analytics technology enables one to use advanced features for enhancing the monitoring technique. Some of the best advantages of this technology are finer processing of the video, more storage space, high-quality image, apt data, etc. Let’s learn more about video analytics and its usage in industries below!

What is the Working Method of Video Analytics?

Video analytics, in simple language, is a technology used in a video monitoring system to identify various real-life events in recorded footage. The algorithms of the machine are useful in predicting the changes in the surrounding, movements, and so on. Most industries use this brilliant technology in their surveillance system because:

It helps in recognizing faces easily.
It helps in checking whether all the items are kept in the right order and place.
Identifying movements becomes an easy deal.
Scrutinizing the flammable objects is also no more difficult with the high-quality video footage.

➢ 12 Types of Video Analytics Used in Industries

1. Incident Detection

Industrial CCTV cameras are mostly used to monitor areas under threat, like the major working spaces, corridors, hallways, etc. When incident detection is applied, all the events will be recorded and saved for future use. This ensures the complete safety of all the employees working in an industry, especially if it is an explosive area.

2. People Counting

If you own an industry where there is heavy traffic of people throughout the day, and you need to count the number, then the people counting technology will help. Shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels are the major places where people counting analytics is mostly used. It can also help you determine how long a person stays within the boundaries of a given area.

3. Camera Tampering Recognition

Wicked people who want to carry out illegal activities in a workplace often try to tamper the video camera so that no evidence can be collected against them. With this technology, the CCTV device will be able to detect even slightest disturbance and warn the team immediately. As soon as the warning reaches your team, strict action can be taken against the person, and the camera can be restored to normalcy.

4. Intrusion Management

Some industries cannot allow outsiders due to various reasons. In such places, intrusion management technology comes handy. It will give you an instant warning if any trespasser tries to intrude in the workplace.

5. Worker Safety

Workers’ safety is one of the primary concerns in any industrial location. Video analytics can help monitor all the machines, chemicals, and pedestrians and ensure that the workers follow the safety protocols 24X7. An ATEX-certified explosion-proof camera uses this technology the most because the workers require maximum protection in flammable areas.

6. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition keeps track of all the people who have entered the workplace before. If a new face enters, the system sends warnings to the team.

7. Movement Detection

If there is a lot of movement or sudden movement in an area, the movement detection system will monitor it quickly. The superior quality movement detectors can also identify the slight movement of an animal.

8. Danger Detection

This is the best video analytics technology used in ex-proof cameras. Danger detector warns about any fire, smoke, chemical, or other physical hazards that might cause trouble to the workplace and the workers.

9. Subject Counting

In places where expensive items are kept, it is important that you know if everything is in the right place. Therefore, the subject detector will continuously analyze the number of people and things in the room.

10. Automated Subject Tracking

This keeps an eye on the movement of a subject while interacting with others in an area. If there is any abnormality seen, warning signals will be sent.

11. Leak Detection

Explosion-proof cameras also use leak detection technology to check any gas or liquid leakage in the environment. Special infrared technology is used for this purpose.

12. Liquid and Vessel Level Monitoring

The oil and gas industries need constant updates about the level of liquid or gas kept in a vessel. This technology helps in scrutinizing the vessels and warns if there are chances of overflowing.

➢ Install the Best Video Analytics Technology in Your Industry Now

As you can see, different video analytics serve different purposes, but all of them are useful nevertheless. If you are wondering where you can find video cameras that use these technologies, then SharpEagle is your ultimate answer. We have developed many cameras that use one or more video analytic programs to ensure the best safety. Our explosion-proof cameras come with superb features to detect any strangeness in the environment. SharpEagle knows how vital proper monitoring is for the safety of the workers and the workplace; hence, we never compromise with the quality. Whenever you choose us, you choose the finest protection. Which video analytic program are you planning to install in your monitoring system? Please do share with us before leaving!

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