Forklift & MHE Safety Lighting Solutions

Forklift Arc Light

The lighting system comes with casting aluminium alloy housing and double insulated silicon rubberized wire for efficient working in low and high temperatures. It features a high power LED with a beam projection on the ground. The tempered glass cover protects it from external damage while the system is also 100 per cent dust, water and quakeproof.

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Forklift Red Danger Light

The Red Danger Light is a perfect product to keep pedestrians safe from collision or foot injury occurring from the rear end swing of the forklift. The warehouse warning system comes with high power LED lights, and the aluminium die-cast housing, double insulated silicon rubberized wire and stainless steel bracket make it capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

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Forklift Laser Light

The system equipped with laser beam projection indicates the exact fork position, increasing the productivity and safety within the warehouse while simultaneously reducing transportation time and chances of product damage. The power source of the lighting system is a rechargeable battery with a remote control switch and laser power and laser wavelength of 100mw and 650mm, respectively.

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Forklift Blue Spot Light

The safety device is an ideal tool to alert pedestrians and other vehicles approaching forklifts blind corners and exiting semi-trailers. With a beam projection spot on the ground, the Blue Spot Light is 100 percent water, dust and quakeproof. It is enclosed in Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing, which is suitable for reducing heat.

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Forklift Blue Arrow Light

The Blue Safety Light offers a clear blue arrow visual warning to pedestrians behind reversing forklifts, hence, improving site safety and reducing accidents. The system comes with 3W LED lights and is enclosed in aluminium die-casting, double insulated rubberized wire and stainless steel bracket bearing low to very high temperatures.

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Forklift Warning Light

Warning the pedestrians during forklift operations is super important for avoiding accidents. Our forklift warning light comes with a high-power LED light, protected with a durable glass cover and a two-year warranty from SharpEagle. It also has a 100% quakeproof, waterproof and dustproof body with aluminum alloy casting for effective heat elimination.

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Overhead Crane Light

An overhead crane light must be installed to ensure that the hook is placed rightly and the pedestrians stay safe while the crane is in motion. With an aluminum body and adjustable mounting, our 72 W overhead crane light serves the purpose effectively even in extreme temperatures.

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Product reviews

I was looking for an anti-collision system that contains fine features at an affordable price. It is indeed an excellent product and comes with superb after-sale services.

Mosharraf Hossain - Safety Manager, SIG Obeikan Group

If there is a speed limiter that provides the highest level of shield, then it has to be the one from SharpEagle. I love how accurately it works!

Moath Thwapiah - Factory Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Waters

It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

Mark Watson - Sr. Operations Manager

SharpEagle’s explosion-proof camera is so far the best I have used. The product body is super strong, and it provides me with effective service even in low-light.

Ex Proof Camera System

It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

Rolando Do Couto Laureano - Project HSE Manager

Their fork-view camera is highly durable. I have been using the product for a while now, and after using it for so many years, I can gladly say that it offers the best protection.

Adel Hassan - Rental Manager, YBA KANOO

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