Forklift Anti-Collision System

Forklift Anti-Collision System

With a compact and sturdy design, the Forklift Anti-Collision System increases visibility for heavy machinery. To have a clear view of the rear up to 3 meters, the system uses a host, an ultrasonic probe to calculate distance and display the visuals on the LED. The sound system alerts the driver of the blind zone.

Rugged Design
  • Operating Voltage : DC12V-32V
  • Working current : 20mA-200mA
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 40K±1K
  • Operating temperature : -300C to +800C
  • Waterproof level : IP67
  • Dimensions : 162mm X 87mm X 46mm
  • Sturdy Design

    A compact design that allows the sensor to be easily installed on the rear part of the Forklift.


    Sturdy design, top notch materials and highgrade electronics make it a reliable professional equipment.

    Detecting Range

    The sensor is capable of consistently and reliably detecting an object up to 3 meters perpendicularly from the emission point.

    How does Forklift Anti-Collision System help improves Safety & productivity?

    Improved Visibility

    Collision avoidance systems seek to improve your visibility so you can be confident, comfortable, and in control while on the road.

    Enhanced Safety

    The most important advantage that a collision avoidance system will bring to the table is an enhanced sense of safety. This isn’t just crucial for your driver; it’s crucial for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers on the road as well.

    Reduced Expenses

    An accident can be a frightening experience for all who are involved, and it can result in damage to both vehicles and people. When you use a collision avoidance system, you can rely on our technology to prevent accidents from occurring. This keeps everybody safe & prevents damage to company vehicles.

    Product reviews

    I was looking for an anti-collision system that contains fine features at an affordable price. It is indeed an excellent product and comes with superb after-sale services.

    Mosharraf Hossain - Safety Manager, SIG Obeikan Group

    If there is a speed limiter that provides the highest level of shield, then it has to be the one from SharpEagle. I love how accurately it works!

    Moath Thwapiah - Factory Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Waters

    It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

    Mark Watson - Sr. Operations Manager

    SharpEagle’s explosion-proof camera is so far the best I have used. The product body is super strong, and it provides me with effective service even in low-light.

    Ex Proof Camera System

    It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

    Rolando Do Couto Laureano - Project HSE Manager

    Their fork-view camera is highly durable. I have been using the product for a while now, and after using it for so many years, I can gladly say that it offers the best protection.

    Adel Hassan - Rental Manager, YBA KANOO

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