Forklift Wireless Camera System

Forklift Wireless Camera System

The wireless camera system is the ultimate product for monitoring the surroundings of the forklift with features like recording, Automatic backlighting and light control, IP69K certification, night vision (10m), Reverse gear activated screen and multi-image adjustment. The entire system comes with a 7-inch TFT LCD digital wireless display, a wireless camera and a powerful 8700mAh battery.

Rugged Design
  • Comes with 7 inch digital 2.4G wireless dual-view monitor
  • Recording function (128G TF card)
  • 10V-32V wide operation voltage
  • Automatic backlighting and light control
  • Reverse gear activated screen
  • Picture image adjustable for Horizontal/Vertical/Mirror/Normal viewing
  • Wireless Camera comes with a Smart IR function available
  • 10V-32V wide power supply input available
  • Transmission Distance (barrier free): 120m
  • The system comes with a 8700mAh / 3.6V battery.
  • Increase productivity

    SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system helps in maximizing the level of productivity by providing a clearer view of sight rather than a blind-spot. All of this will assist the Forklift operator in the safe transportation of products and materials.

    Increase pedestrian safety

    SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system provides a clear vision to the operator of the person who is the line of travel and take life saving measures. Thus. reducing accidents by providing the operator to move safely around the premises aided by cameras.

    Forklift blind spots reduce or eliminate

    SharpEagle’s Forklift Camera system provides the operator 360° view of the surrounding. Thus, forklift operator will be able to identify and avoid inherent blind spots located around the forklift.

    How does the Forklift wireless camera system help improve safety & productivity?

    It comes with a powerful battery

    The forklift wireless system consists of a very powerful battery of 8700mAh. It also comes with other notable features like IP69K certification, night vision, and multi-image adjustment.

    Everything is wireless

    The two vital accessories that come with the device, camera, and LCD digital display, are wireless.

    Contains smart features

    You will get to use many smart features like automatic backlighting, recording, and light control.

    Product reviews

    I was looking for an anti-collision system that contains fine features at an affordable price. It is indeed an excellent product and comes with superb after-sale services.

    Mosharraf Hossain - Safety Manager, SIG Obeikan Group

    If there is a speed limiter that provides the highest level of shield, then it has to be the one from SharpEagle. I love how accurately it works!

    Moath Thwapiah - Factory Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Waters

    It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

    Mark Watson - Sr. Operations Manager

    SharpEagle’s explosion-proof camera is so far the best I have used. The product body is super strong, and it provides me with effective service even in low-light.

    Ex Proof Camera System

    It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

    Rolando Do Couto Laureano - Project HSE Manager

    Their fork-view camera is highly durable. I have been using the product for a while now, and after using it for so many years, I can gladly say that it offers the best protection.

    Adel Hassan - Rental Manager, YBA KANOO

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