Explosion proof HID Light

Explosion proof HID Light

SharpEagle's ex-proof HID light comes with an epoxy sprayed body cast with aluminum, enhancing the product's design. In this product, the light source cavity and the power supply cavity are connected by a special structure. This unique design makes the HID provide an enhanced light supply and look stylish. In addition, an anti-glare glass cover is also used to protect the eyes.

Rugged Design
  • Zone 1&2, Zone 21&22
  • Housing is made of die-cast aluminum, with epoxy sprayed
  • Integrated design, the power supply cavity and the light source cavity are completely isolated, and a specially designed connection between the two cavities.
  • Anti-glare glass cover
  • Unique diffuse reflection design to make light soft and wide angle of illumination

Spec sheet

Main Features: SE-EXPHID-410

Input voltage
220VAC, 50-60Hz
Degree of protection
Lamp holder

Main Features: SE-EXPHID-420

Input voltage
220VAC, 50Hz
Degree of protection
Mounting Styles
Pendant; Ceiling; Wall Bracket; Stanchion

Metal Halide Lamp

175, 250Watt



Explosion proof HID Light

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How does Explosion-proof HID light help improve safety & productivity?

Perfect finish

The HID light has an elegant design. Thanks to the epoxy sprayed body cast with aluminum for the fine finish of the product.

Unique design

Unlike most other lights, here, the light source cavity is connected with the power supply cavity with the help of a special structure. This gives the product a unique design.

Safe for the Eyes

SharpEagle has made sure that your eyes do not get strained due to the high power light source installed in the device. That is why they have added an anti-glare glass cover to provide 100% protection to the eyes.

Product reviews

I was looking for an anti-collision system that contains fine features at an affordable price. It is indeed an excellent product and comes with superb after-sale services.

Mosharraf Hossain - Safety Manager, SIG Obeikan Group

If there is a speed limiter that provides the highest level of shield, then it has to be the one from SharpEagle. I love how accurately it works!

Moath Thwapiah - Factory Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Waters

It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

Mark Watson - Sr. Operations Manager

SharpEagle’s explosion-proof camera is so far the best I have used. The product body is super strong, and it provides me with effective service even in low-light.

Ex Proof Camera System

It is the best quality safety light installed in my industry. The company also took charge of the entire installation process, which relieved me hugely!

Rolando Do Couto Laureano - Project HSE Manager

Their fork-view camera is highly durable. I have been using the product for a while now, and after using it for so many years, I can gladly say that it offers the best protection.

Adel Hassan - Rental Manager, YBA KANOO

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