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SharpEagle Launches Premium Explosion Proof Dome Camera for Surveillance of Harsh and Rugged Environment

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SharpEagle Launches Premium Explosion Proof Dome Camera for Surveillance of Harsh and Rugged Environment

SharpEagle is the leading safety solution provider for the oil, gas, and energy industries in UAE. This company takes pride in giving rugged and harsh environment businesses an ecosystem that is secure for warehouse materials and workers. They are also known for extending top-notch explosion-proof, forklift, and solar camera system monitoring surveillance to nations globally, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and more. Their explosion-proof surveillance devices are a highly sought-after product in the market. With their new launch of the Explosion proof dome cameras, SharpEagle has once more created a buzz in the industry for the amazing long-lasting and innovative additions to these devices. 


The explosion-prone sectors are welcoming the launch of this product because these explosion-proof dome cameras have an infusion that makes it one-of-a-kind of the industry. SharpEagle is the first-ever company to have made such an advanced surveillance tool for extreme conditions. The best part of this new product is that they have an infusion of the traditional ex-proof camera facility added to the high-tech fixed dome model. 

These cameras have a stainless-steel body. This ensures that the device can prevent sparks from coming in contact with the air’s explosive and combustible dust particles. Stainless steel bodies are also extremely resistant to corrosion. These devices are exemplary pieces of a passionate engineer’s hard work because they have all in one facility of giving you a consistent and seamless performance in both harsh onshore and offshore environments. The manufacturing is done with delicate innovations and is of high-tech engineering to endure extreme harshness. 

The rugged design of this product comes with the following model specifications:

•  304/316L stainless steel casing, with polished electro cage.
•  The device is extremely light in weight and has the finest flexibility.
•  Very easy to install and operate. The team extends installation, operation, and maintenance support without obligation.
•  They are certified to be used in zone 1 and zone 2.
•  The temperature ranges of this device can extend from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius.
•  It comes with IP68 waterproofing. 

The device has the finest quality of image, 5 megapixels, and has a maximum resolution of 1080P. The best part is the photogenic characteristics, where the least illumination pre-requisite is very low, up to 0.001Lux@F1.2. In addition, the devices take noise-free images and have night vision. 

The installation process is very simple, owing to the DC12V power supply. The video compression resolution is H.256/H.264/MJPEG. The focal length ranges from 4.6 to 165mm. The dome-type explosion-proof devices work efficiently and seamlessly in all areas starting from heavy metal, marine to oil and gas, pharmaceutical, aviation, and textile sectors. The horizontal and vertical ranges are manually adjustable and are 360* and +/-45*, respectively. The infrared night vision has 5m to 15m visibility and produces high-quality videos in extremely low lights. 

Installation of these ex-proof dome-type surveillance safety cameras will give your business a full-proof, pocket-friendly safe environment, promises the director of SharpEagle. They have also assured ATEX certification on all the products, and the team takes pride in serving customers 24/7 globally. 

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