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Importance of Blue Safety Spot lights in Forklift safety

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Importance of Blue Safety Spot lights in Forklift safety

We ran some statistics, and we could not be more saddened. Reports say that over 95000 accidents happen every single year in forklifts. While running the statistics, we found out that in California, 1 out of every ten forklifts will come across one accident or the other during its lifetime. However, we have good news. Experts and professionals believe that over 70% of these accidents and injuries can be prevented easily by installing the right safety solutions. The rest, 30%, has to be credited to the workers. There must be proper workshops and training to make them aware and educate them about adopting various safety protocols. 

One of the easiest ways to mitigate all types of forklift accidents is by installing Forklift safety lights. This makes the working zone safer not only for the forklift operators but also for pedestrians. Every business must consider installing two important and useful lights: the red zone forklift lights and the blue forklift spotlights. These installations can be pocket-friendly and extremely simple if you choose the right brand. 












Big names in Dubai’s safety solution, like the SharpEagle, provide these safety solutions at an extremely pocket-friendly range, with easy installation and the most amazing post-sales services. Investing in the right safety solution does not only reduce the odds of an accident, saving the lives of several workers but is extremely profitable and cost-effective. This reduces the chances of material wastage and substantially reduces the cost of insurance, thereby multiplying the profit of the business manifold.  

The red forklift zone lights are useful for illuminating all the sides of the forklift. This gives better clarity to the pedestrian, and they can easily know which areas are to be avoided. When workers can see and remember the distance that must be maintained, the probability of someone meeting with an accident reduces. The major accidents caused by the hit of the truck’s rear-end can be avoided this way. 

The blue spotlights play an even greater role in extending forklift safety solutions. These lights are usually mounting and are installed at the front of a lift truck or the rear-end. This works wonders for factory safety. The pedestrians are alerted well in advance whenever a forklift is nearby. It also alerts the pedestrians about the speed of the forklift approaching. The blue spotlight is around 8 feet at the back end and the front end of the forklift. It depends on where you have chosen to install this mounting light. 

➢ OSHA Guidelines for the Blue Forklift Spotlights

The OSHA guidelines do not make the blue spotlights a compulsion to ensure forklift safety. However, these lights certainly increase the safety of your business to a huge extent only with a tiny bit of investment. Remember the statistics! Around 36% of the accidents related to forklifts, causing death, have involved pedestrians.  


The workers, no matter how well aware and equipped they are, sometimes get blinded to the impending danger and warning signals. A bright blue spotlight can catch the attention of any human quicker than anything else. This light can also signal how quickly the forklift is approaching and the direction from which it is coming. This is how blue forklift safety lights can do wonders in mitigating factory accidents and deaths. Remember, we have gone through multiple case studies and concluded that the strobe lights or any top-notch backup alarms are never enough. Installing one blue spotlight can ensure you a safe working ecosystem at the most affordable range. 

➢ Uses and Characteristics of Blue Forklift Safety Spotlights

The blue spotlights have several advantages, as we have already discussed. Here’s a quick recap for you how its features make it an even better safety solution equipment for businesses:

These lights work as a visual warning signal to all the pedestrians at work and increase safety blankets at a low price. These lights have a wide range from 12 to 48 volts.
These lights have a clear projection of patterns on the ground.
The lens from all branded companies has UV polycarbonate resistance.
The robust build of these spotlights can withstand sudden shocks, jerks, and vibration.
The longevity ensures a great return for a one-time investment. There will be no tantrums for bulb replacement.
The lights have an aluminum casing that prevents rusting and corrosion. These lights have a universal mounting. 

Read MoreImportance of Blue Safety Spotlights in Forklift safety 

➢ Install the Best Blue Forklift Safety Spotlights at Your Business and End All Forklift Accidents Forever

The blue spotlights are undeniably one of the best and the cheapest ways to secure a safe working environment for your business. SharpEagle has the most amazing range of forklift safety solutions in the UAE and globally. The blue spotlights from this company have a robust build and long life. The safety solutions provided by SharpEagle not only create a safe ecosystem for workers but also increase their operation efficiency, shooting up the productivity and thereby revenue and profitability of the business. 

For top-notch product quality and unparalleled post-sales services, this brand has consistently been the number 1 provider of safety solutions across the UAE. The prompt response of the team and the finest quality product makes SharpEagle the favorite of all big business houses. 

Share with us what aspect you liked the most about the blue light? Also, when are you installing this Blue Spotlight Forklift safety solution at your business to make it safer!

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