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Top 5 Forklift camera system providers in UAE

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Top 5 Forklift camera system providers in UAE

Workers who operate forklifts are always at a risk of facing deadly accidents. However, even though accidents depend on fate, one can still avoid them by taking the right precautions. One such preventive measure is the use of a forklift camera system. This device helps to increase the visibility of the operator by providing a clear image of the surrounding area. With increased visibility, the driver becomes more productive, ensuring that his full focus is on the road.

When you install a top-quality Forklift safety camera system, the accidents reduce to a great extent. Your company also faces less material damage. Unfortunately, several brands do not offer products of decent quality, and companies regret installing them. To ensure you do not fall for such brands, we have come up with this guide to share the names of the top camera providers in the UAE. Are you planning to buy a new camera system for your warehouse? If yes, then delve in with us to know the top camera brands!

Top 5 Forklift camera system providers in UAE

1. SharpEagle – Best Forklift Safety Camera System Provider In UAE

SharpEagle is the best manufacturer of forklift safety cameras in Dubai. Here, you will get safety cameras of all types and budgets. Most industries in UAE opt for our brand because we promise them quality over quantity. Our cameras have all the latest features suiting your needs. We also believe in making our cameras durable so that you can use them for years without spending money on repairing or replacing the device.


When they buy from us, they know that we will continue to serve them well even after purchasing the product. For instance, if the customer has any queries about the camera, we are always there to assist them. Plus we also take the complete responsibility of installing the products with care and on time. Such a great service is not very common for other developers, and we are proud to be an exception!

2. Orlaco 

Orlaco is yet another superstar in the safety solution providing industry of Oman. This company has been dealing with surveillance devices of the industrial and commercial sectors since 2017. Stoneridge is the parent company of Orlaco, and they are popular globally for their high-quality electronic devices. This equipment can also be combined with other certified tools for an improved solution. 


3. Liftow

Liftow is renowned worldwide for its unique safe-view wireless camera system. Their devices are super easy to install and use, making the device highly user-friendly. In Liftow’s camera, you will get an LCD screen of 7” to 9” with a viewing angle that can be adjusted by 120 degrees. If you want, you can install up to four cameras for the finest visibility.


All the moments will be recorded on the SD card inside the camera. If you want to use the recording feature, you will have to buy the SD card separately. Liftow has been in talks for a while because of its wireless forklift camera. Users seem to love the fact that the device can be mounted at any part of the forklift without much hassle. It also comes with a night vision mode for higher-level protection!

5. Lifttrucksupplyinc

Lifttrucksupplyinc is a manufacturer of robust camera models that come with powerful rechargeable batteries. A battery lasts for around 12 to 15 hours on a single charge, which is quite a good service compared to what is offered by the other camera developers. The SD card capacity can be extended from 16 to 128 Gb as per the amount of footage you want to record. The HD quality streaming gives a crystal clear picture to the operators on a 9” LCD screen. The camera also comes with a one-year warranty!


5. Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle is yet another famous equipment provider in the UAE. This company has a range of forklift safety solutions, the camera system being one of them. Cisco-Eagle has been serving many warehouses, oil and gas industries, energy industries, and other factories for quite a long time now. It is Cisco-Eagles’s product quality that makes it stand out in the market!


Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Forklift Safety Camera

• Make sure the camera is made of durable material because when you buy a camera system, it must last for a few years without getting damaged.
• The viewing angle should be wide enough to ensure that the whole surrounding is covered on the screen.
• The footage quality should be clear enough, even in low-light areas.
• The forklift camera must have the latest camera analytic features.
• The camera system should have an easy installation process.
• A good camera should offer decent features and usability at an affordable price.

Benefits of Using Forklift Cameras

• The operator can keep an eye on the surroundings and avoid collisions with pedestrians and other obstacles.
• In low lights, the frequency of accidents is higher, but with forklift safety cameras, the operator can avoid such risks easily.
• Operators often hurt their neck and back when they look outside for obstacles, but that will not be an issue when installing a good forklift camera system.
• The road is mostly not visible during poor weather conditions. That, too, is avoidable with a forklift safety camera.

Install the Finest Quality Forklift Safety Camera Now

As we have mentioned earlier, SharpEagle is the best of all camera providers, and they should be your first choice when buying security cameras. SharpEagle also manufactures other safety solutions like anti-collision systems, seatbelts, safety lights, etc. We take your safety very seriously, and hence, our products are made with utmost care to deliver you the ultimate protection against forklift accidents.

Our team consists of safety experts from various industries. Therefore, we make apt safety solutions for different industries, including the oil and mine sectors, chemical industries, heavy construction places, etc. No matter what safety solutions you want, SharpEagle will have it. 

You can find out more about our safety solutions on our website. You can also get in touch with our customer service team for more information. So will you make your warehouse safer by installing the right forklift safety cameras? If yes, when? We would love to know!

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