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Get the best explosion proof mobile phones for hazardous areas – SharpEagle

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Get the best explosion proof mobile phones for hazardous areas – SharpEagle

The mobile phone is one such device that people cannot live without today. Everyone has this gadget with them, and they behave as their lives depend on it. And we cannot blame them because mobile phones make life much easier. Not only can you connect with anyone from any corner of the world but also record events, send documents, images and search about anything using this tiny device.

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Is using a mobile important for everyone? Yes! In today’s world, everyone needs this device, especially those who work in hazardous areas. In such worksites, proper connectivity is often an issue. But this can be easily solved if the workers get their hands on the latest explosion-proof mobile from SharpEagle. Our ATEX mobile phone has some of the coolest features that work fine even in explosive areas. You will get the finest connectivity with the outside world no matter where you work. Do you want to know more about this mobile? We are here to help you know. Keep reading!

➢ Why Do You Need Better Connectivity at a Hazardous Area?

You must be wondering why your regular smartphone is not a good choice for explosive worksites. It is because they have poor connectivity in explosive industries. A more stable connection is required for the following reasons:  

Explosive industries are usually located at a distance from populated areas. Hence, the network in these places is comparatively lower, and the workers find it difficult to connect with their families when at work. But with the help of the Explosion proof mobile phone, they get better connectivity from any work site.

As the work in explosive places involves risk, you might need to connect with any important people at any point in time. For instance, if there is a fire on the site, you will have to contact the fire brigade. Hence, if there is a poor connection, the safety of everyone in the warehouse will be at stake.  

Even in explosive industries, the importance of the internet connection is no less. Here, too, the workers might need to send important documents, images, or videos to one another or to other firms.  

Lastly, monitoring explosive worksite 24X7 is super important. Again, the team will require a stable internet connection, which none but SharpEagle’s new explosion-proof mobile can offer the best!  

Features of SharpEagle’s Explosion Proof Mobile

We know that you are eager to find out the specifications of our ex-proof phone. Your wish is our command; hence, here is the list of features you ought to know before buying SharpEagle’s latest explosion-proof mobile. Have a look:

4000 to 8000mah battery for longer usability
A silicon cover to protect the device from any damage caused by the explosive agents

Tempered glass screen protector for providing ultimate safety to the mobile screen
Battery cover with NFC antenna for a higher battery usage
5.0 inches screen for clear visibility
Android 9.0 to support all the latest Android features
8.0-megapixel camera for clear images and videos
Octa-core MT6762 processor for high performance
Durable fingerprint sensor for better safety of the device content
 Lightweight and compact for easy portability
Supports proximity sensor, light sensor, 3D accelerator, and e-compass
A Type-C charging port

As you can see, the device is a complete package of all the best features that a mobile phone can offer you. Even though it looks like other mobiles in the market, the way it functions is far different. This mobile won’t get damaged even when exposed to explosive agents daily. 

The best part about this phone is that it will survive explosions and let you enjoy stable connectivity even in areas where other mobiles stop working. When using our explosion-proof mobile, you cut off any chances of poor connectivity!

Buy Better Connectivity at Hazardous Work Sites from SharpEagle

We promise you the best service in the market. If you ever face any problem with the device or in case you want to learn the usage of some feature in the phone, we will always be there to help you. Our team will make sure you can use every mobile feature comfortably by giving you a free demo. Not just that, we also offer a 2-year warranty with the device. So if it requires any software updates or repairing, we will do it for free until the warranty period expires.

SharpEagle always wants to serve its clients with utmost priority. When you choose us, you choose a safer work life. Now that you have discovered our ultimate explosion-proof mobile phone, get your hands on it immediately and relieve your close ones by staying connected with them 24X7. So when are you planning to buy this safe and cool ex-proof mobile? Do not forget to share with us!

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