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Forklift Safety Solutions – Tips To Avoid Injuries

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Forklift Safety Solutions – Tips To Avoid Injuries

The forklift has a vast use in a wide range of industries worldwide. It’s been considered one of the most dangerous types of machine used at the workplace and hence it needs proper care to operate. 

These trucks are essential to the lifting and allocation of loads from one place to another. It seems tough to operate this truck; hence, only trained operators should be in charge of operating this truck. 

As per research, more than one million forklifts are in operation worldwide. Therefore, every company needs to take necessary safety measures by applying a forklift safety system. 

Take an overview of the forklift injuries

• Operators of forklifts often experience different types of mishaps while driving the vehicle.
• They can face collision with the pedestrians and loads can fall onto the walkers.
• Many operators have faced serious and fatal accidents when the forklift starts moving unexpectedly.
• Many times the operators slip and fall from the forklift due to negligence.
• Almost every forklift operator complains that they suffer from body agony after driving a forklift.

avoid forklift injuries

Guide for operators 

• Every operator must be aware of the danger that comes with a forklift. Hence they need to follow some guidelines to avoid accidents. 

• Every operator must check the present condition of the forklift. They need to do a pre-shift equipment inspection to check whether any part of the forklift is damaged or not. 

• Every company must appoint trained and expert forklift drivers. It is suggested those who are well-trained and certified under the OSHA standard are eligible to operate a forklift. The management of a company should evaluate the performance of a forklift operator once every three years to check whether the operator is able to operate the machine or not. 

• As per the Industrial forklift safety rules, every operator must wear proper clothing and shoes to avoid accidents. Loose clothing should always be avoided as a better safety measure. Operators must wear safety shoes, hard hats, and extremely visible covers to avoid any mishap. 

• Every operator should stay updated with the advanced forklift operating features and safety systems. At present, different types of forklifts are available with different features. Hence a forklift operator needs to be aware of these features and stay updated. They need to be updated in areas like weight limit, operating speed, the radius at which it turns, and its usage. An operator should stay updated with these advanced technologies so that they can operate the machine safely. 

• Daily inspection is necessary for the forklift. Before usage, the operator must make an overall inspection of the machine. If any part of the forklift is not operating, it should not be used for lifting and transferring loads.

Here are the tips to follow by an operator while checking a forklift-

1. At first, the operator and the supervisor at the worksite must check the brakes, horn, lights, and most importantly,      the steering wheel.
2. The tire and the fluid level must get checked before the operator runs the forklift.
3. A Forklift can have oil, water, and radiation leakage. Here it is necessary to check whether the forklift is facing those problems or not.
4. Operators should not operate the forklift without noticing whether there is any crack or damage to the forklift or not. If so, precautionary measures must be taken before operating it.
5. It is necessary to check if there are any potential hazards while operating this machine or not. 

• Every operator must maintain the rules and regulations implemented at the worksite while driving the forklift. The supervisor also must check whether the driver or operator is following the rules or not. 

• It is suggested to implement a floor marking system for having enhanced safety measures during the operation of forklift safety. A Forklift explosion proof camera should be there at the worksite, coupled with floor marking that can increase the worker’s safety. Different types of way-finders and signs can be used to keep pedestrians aware of the movement of the forklift. 

• Many operators use a forklift to lift weight exceeding its limit. This action should be avoided. A forklift operator must understand the weight that the machine can lift and accordingly, the operator should operate it. Overloading can cause damage to the rear wheels and can cause a massive accident at the workplace. 

• Operators should not allow any other person to ride on the forklift if no extra seat is there. Again, a forklift should never be used to lift people as it can cause serious injuries to all. 

• Every forklift operator must ensure that his hands and shoes are arid before starting the  operation of  the forklift. He must sit in a comfortable position and can get a 360-degree view while operating it. 

• An operator needs to be very careful while operating a forklift. They should not stop, move or turn the forklift suddenly. 

• To avoid fatal accidents at the workplace, every forklift operator must operate the forklift at a safe distance. They should not run the forklift close to other materials and equipment in the workplace.  

SharpEagle provides wide range of forklift safety products. Here is the list of products for forklift safety :

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Looking for forklift safety products for your organization as a safety measure? 

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