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Explosion Proof CCTV Solutions

Built to function in the most hazardous and challenging environments, our ex-proof CCTV cameras assist you in being watchful of every move at your industrial workplace. The blend of sturdy body and high resolution lends you a perfect recording of the surrounding. Based on your preferences, you can pick any of our ATEX certified ex-proof cameras from PTZ, Fixed, Mini, Zoom and Digital range. These cameras are approved for Zone 1 and Zone 2. Our team of experts installs them at your facility at various strategic points for your all-round view. Take charge of your operations with the best ex-proof camera in town.


Explosion Proof Mini IR Camera

Smallest in the range, the ex-proof Mini IR camera comes with ATEX certification for Zone 1 and 2 environments. It is bullet proof, water proof, shock resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. With a stainless steel body, it also gets night vision mode for monitoring in the dark. It is available in 2MP and 5MP options.

Explosion Proof PTZ Camera with IR

Offered with a mounting bracket, the PTZ or Pan Tilt Zoom camera has sturdy build and can function between -30°C to +70°C temperatures. They offer superb image and video quality and come with an option of 2MP and 5MP. With infrared, watching every move during dark hours isn’t a problem with the PTZ Camera.

Explosion Proof Fixed Type Dome Camera

The sturdy fixed type dome camera is made of stainless steel which traps any spark within its borders. The state-of-the-art dome camera is durable enough to tackle high corrosion attacks besides being waterproof, shock resistant and bulletproof. The option of night vision makes surveillance a breeze in this camera.

Explosion Proof PTZ Type Dome Camera

Best suited for oil refineries, Onshore & Offshore rigs and petrochemical plants, the ex-proof PTZ Dome Cameras are built to tackle the toughest conditions. They are explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof and rust-proof. It is approved for installation in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. It is corrosion resistant and anti-fog.

Explosion Proof ZOOM IR Camera (IP & Analogue)

Sculpted with stainless steel, the ex-proof Zoom IR Camera comes with a wall bracket or universal joint. They are waterproof and shock resistant and come with an option of IP and Analogue variants. The infrared swings into action as soon as it detects limited visibility. It’s easy to install and is made to work in harsh environments.

Explosion Proof Digital Camera

Our explosion proof digital cameras are shockproof (withstand falls up to 2.4m), waterproof (up to 30m deep), dustproof and freeze proof (up to -10°C). It works just like any modern digital camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 4x Intelligent Zoom. It is embraced with ex-proof LED flash and longer battery life than other ex-proof cameras.

Explosion Proof Mobile

Specially built to tackle hazardous atmospheres, the explosion proof mobile from SharpEagle gets the latest Android 9.0 operating system. It gets a rating of IP67 for water resistance. The ex-proof mobile gets a powerful 4000MAH battery that lasts longer than most phones. It gets 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

Explosion Proof Speed Dome IR Camera

Best suited for oil refineries, Onshore & Offshore rigs and petrochemical plants, the Ex-Proof Speed Dome IR Camera is built to tackle the toughest conditions. They are explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof and rust-proof. It is approved for installation in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. It is corrosion resistant and anti-fog.

Explosion Proof Compact Camera

With a diameter of 55 millimeters the EC-710-090 Ex surveillance camera is the world’s smallest explosion-proof camera. The opticalsystem is protected by a chemically hardened lens. Even with the stainless steel housing it weighs no more than 436 grams and still resists ambient aggressive chemical substances as well as substantial mechanical stress, including vibrations.

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Explosion Proof Led Light

This product has a white crisp instant light output. The high-power LED increases the efficiency of the drivers by providing enhanced visibility. It is a perfect solution for workplaces that are harsh and rugged and need proper lighting. The isolated LED compartment and the dense cooling fins keep the temperature in control. The product comes with a five years warranty for uninterrupted protection.

Explosion Proof Flashlight

The explosion-proof flashlight is guarded with an aluminum shell that protects the product from explosive particles. It is a durable flashlight with a large lithium-ion battery capacity and a low self-discharge rate. The performance of the flashlight is also great as it is powered by the best quality LED light source. Moreover, the compact size and lightweight make it highly portable.

Explosion Proof Work Light

This product has an elegant look and fine durability due to the die-cast aluminum housing and the epoxy coating. The light source of the ex-proof worklight can be adjusted by 120 degrees. The light is also movable with the help of the wheels attached below the device. The lamp headlight provides powerful lighting and can be adjusted by 360 degrees.

Explosion Proof Linear Light

The ex-proof linear light has a high voltage electrostatic plastic spray surface cast with aluminum. The tube can be quickly replaced by removing the end cover, making the product easy to use and maintain. The wiring is made of steel for longer durability against flammable particles. The product can be used in zone 1&2 and zone 21&22 without any worries.

Explosion proof Led Linear Light

This is an advanced version of the ex-proof linear light. Here, the LED gives a whiter and crisper light output. It also comes with a built-in LED driver. The body is made of copper-free aluminum; hence, it is stronger than a regular linear light. The product provides high-quality lighting to make the workplace safer for the workers.

Explosion proof HID Light

SharpEagle's ex-proof HID light comes with an epoxy sprayed body cast with aluminum, enhancing the product's design. In this product, the light source cavity and the power supply cavity are connected by a special structure. This unique design makes the HID provide an enhanced light supply and look stylish. In addition, an anti-glare glass cover is also used to protect the eyes.

Explosion proof Emergency Light

Our explosion-proof emergency light will get charged automatically whenever it receives a power supply. As the battery stays fully charged always, you can rely on the light when the power fails. The light can be adjusted by 270 degrees, top to bottom. It comes with a digital charge indicator to help you know the charging status of the emergency light. The product is super easy to install and use.

Explosion proof Exit Sign

The ex-proof exit sign by SharpEagle is highly durable and has corrosion resistance owing to the use of an epoxy powder coat over the aluminum body of the product. The LED light is very powerful and provides guaranteed service up to 50,000 hours. If ever the product becomes faulty, it will give you warning signals for repair. It is a perfect exit sign with enhanced light capacity.

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Explosion Proof Lighting Solutions

Poor visibility is one of the major causes of accidents in explosive areas. Usually, poor visibility is caused by low light in the working area. Due to the low light conditions, the workers fail to spot the forthcoming dangers and get injured. SharpEagle manufactures top-quality safety lights to reduce such accidents. Our lights are made of durable material to provide adequate lighting in any situation. They can also sustain harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Forklift & MHE Safety Solutions

While Forklifts are a big boon in industries, they could turn equally troubling with frequent accidents. With SharpEagle’s advanced forklift safety solutions, operating forklifts become more secure than ever. Anti-collision CCTV, fork view camera, speed limiters, lights, radar system and many more solutions ensure your forklift functioning is smooth at the workplace. Placing the right forklift solution translates into increased productivity and safety at your factory. They assist in bringing down the incidents of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians. Promote healthy culture at the workplace and enjoy more gains.


Forklift Non Explosion Proof Camera System

An ideal solution for forklift operators, the Forklift camera system comes equipped with four 360-degree vision cameras, an LCD screen, MDVR and complete wiring. The system ensures safe transportation with increased pedestrian safety, blind spot elimination and controllable through the central office using SIM CARD or Wi-Fi.

Forklift Explosion Proof Camera System

An ideal solution for forklift operators, the Forklift camera system comes equipped with four 360-degree vision cameras, an LCD screen, MDVR and complete wiring. The system ensures safe transportation with increased pedestrian safety, blind spot elimination and controllable through the central office using SIM CARD or Wi-Fi.

Forkview Camera System

It is an excellent option for forklift or reach-truck operators for fetching goods from height. The entire system comes with a camera, a monitor screen and a dynamic cable for accurately placing goods. It can also work in extreme temperatures (-20°C to +70°C) and comes with water and dustproof glass.

Forklift Anti-Collision System

With a compact and sturdy design, the Forklift Anti-Collision System increases visibility for heavy machinery. To have a clear view of the rear up to 3 meters, the system uses a host, an ultrasonic probe to calculate distance and display the visuals on the LED. The sound system alerts the driver of the blind zone.

Forklift Radar Blind Spot Detection System

The latest vehicle safety technology is very efficient to use in extreme temperatures and comes with a much faster response time. Made with polycarbonate material, the Radar Blind Spot Detection system is equipped with 24Ghz radar sensors, multiple detection modes, a multi-zone warning system and a display unit.

Warehouse Traffic Management System

Forklift accidents can be reduced to half if the drivers get timely warnings about their surroundings. Our warehouse traffic management system has excellent features like super bright LED lights, red spot, thumb lever, premium quality sensors, and warning alarms for the best protection from warehouse traffic.

Forklift Wireless Camera System

The wireless camera system is the ultimate product for monitoring the surroundings of the forklift with features like recording, Automatic backlighting and light control, IP69K certification, night vision (10m), Reverse gear activated screen and multi-image adjustment. The entire system comes with a 7-inch TFT LCD digital wireless display, a wireless camera and a powerful 8700mAh battery.

Forklift Speed Limiters

A cutting-edge tool to eliminate fatalities caused by over-speeding, the Forklift Speed Limiter sounds a warning alarm via PA horn speaker if a driver reaches the permissible speed. The speed limit can be set from 6-30km/hour manually or through remote control, with a customizable warning sound alarm.

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Forklift Arc Light

The lighting system comes with casting aluminium alloy housing and double insulated silicon rubberized wire for efficient working in low and high temperatures. It features a high power LED with a beam projection on the ground. The tempered glass cover protects it from external damage while the system is also 100 per cent dust, water and quakeproof.

Forklift Red Danger Light

The Red Danger Light is a perfect product to keep pedestrians safe from collision or foot injury occurring from the rear end swing of the forklift. The warehouse warning system comes with high power LED lights, and the aluminium die-cast housing, double insulated silicon rubberized wire and stainless steel bracket make it capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Forklift Laser Light

The system equipped with laser beam projection indicates the exact fork position, increasing the productivity and safety within the warehouse while simultaneously reducing transportation time and chances of product damage. The power source of the lighting system is a rechargeable battery with a remote control switch and laser power and laser wavelength of 100mw and 650mm, respectively.

Forklift Blue Spot Light

The safety device is an ideal tool to alert pedestrians and other vehicles approaching forklifts blind corners and exiting semi-trailers. With a beam projection spot on the ground, the Blue Spot Light is 100 percent water, dust and quakeproof. It is enclosed in Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing, which is suitable for reducing heat.

Forklift Blue Arrow Light

The Blue Safety Light offers a clear blue arrow visual warning to pedestrians behind reversing forklifts, hence, improving site safety and reducing accidents. The system comes with 3W LED lights and is enclosed in aluminium die-casting, double insulated rubberized wire and stainless steel bracket bearing low to very high temperatures.

Forklift Warning Light

Warning the pedestrians during forklift operations is super important for avoiding accidents. Our forklift warning light comes with a high-power LED light, protected with a durable glass cover and a two-year warranty from SharpEagle. It also has a 100% quakeproof, waterproof and dustproof body with aluminum alloy casting for effective heat elimination.

Overhead Crane Light

An overhead crane light must be installed to ensure that the hook is placed rightly and the pedestrians stay safe while the crane is in motion. With an aluminum body and adjustable mounting, our 72 W overhead crane light serves the purpose effectively even in extreme temperatures.

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Forklift & MHE Safety Lighting Solutions

Despite forklifts being one of the most useful machines in a warehouse, it is also the cause of the deadliest accidents. Gladly, with SharpEagle's range of forklift safety light solutions, such accidents can be easily prevented. Blue spot, blind spot radar system, arc-light, and red warning light are some of the best safety lights by SharpEagle to ensure complete security in the workplace. When you install the right lights, the operator's visibility will increase. With better visibility, the productivity of the driver also gets doubled up. All of these ensure a safer working environment for everyone.

Solar Powered 4G/Wifi Cameras

Monitoring factories/industries in the interior parts isn’t a problem anymore thanks to SharpEagle’s solar powered cameras. They come with 4G/WiFi connectivity so no wires are required here as well. The robust cameras come with advanced remote software, free Wi-Fi, IP65 weatherproof certification, wide range of 130 degrees along with many other state-of-the-art surveillance features. Powered by solar, the strongly built cameras can sustain any kind of hazardous environment without complaints. You can pick from either of the two options – Fixed or PTZ - or both depending on the usage.


Fixed Type Solar Camera

The advanced remote wake-up system features Full HD (1080p) and 720p resolution with a video recording option, a two-way audio system and a storage capacity of 64GB. The battery cum solar-powered Wi-Fi camera is IP65 certified and cover a wider 130° field of vision. The PIR motion sensors detect anything unusual, while the night vision sensors give clear sight of up to 33 feet.

PTZ Solar Camera (5MP – 36X)

A perfect 4G outdoor camera, the PTZ Solar Camera is used for monitoring construction sites, farms, streets, parking lots and yards. The solar-powered camera system comes with a host of features, including a 5MP FULL HD camera with 36X optical zoom with 130 degrees viewing angle, night vision and motion detection technology.

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